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Commonly Asked Questions

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What Kind of Litter Should I Buy?

     -FelinePine Litter because it is a wood base litter so there is no risk of it causing health issues if ingested.  Do not use normal Cat Litter!

What Type of Food Should I Buy?

     -Mazuri Youth

How Big Will the Piglets Get?

     -I do not guarentee sizes and caution you against anyone who does.  Pigs are similar to Old English Bulldogs where they are not terribly tall but very thick.  Also, just like with the bulldogs, keep in mind that where some pigs are really small the breed as a whole is an average of 60lbs and 15" tall.  Yes, some are smaller but there is no way to guarentee size. You can have two small parents who have a tall beefy piglet...

What is the upkeep?

     -We start all our piglets off with there first shots and wormer.  You will want to visit a vet within the first 6 months to become a client and to give them a booster shot and another dose of wormer.  From there you would have yearly teeth clipping for males, trim there "nails", and any basic hygene care.  Please read our Information Packet available on the Piglets page

What Should I Bring to Pick-up My Piglet?

     -A sturdy box/crate, blanket/towel and a friend to travel with incase your piglet decides to try and escape.

What are the Essentials to have Before Brining My Piglet Home?

     -Water and food bowls, blankets for them to burrow in, pen/crate, litter box, food, harness, treats and lots of time to devote to your new best friend

What are the Steps to Purchasing?

     -Pick your piglet

     -Send Deposit with the signed Purchase Agreement (Available on the Piglets Page)    

          *Depsoits can be sent by Check, PayPal/Credit Card (3% fee) or Transfer

     -Pick-up your piglet

          *Final purchase price can by paid by PayPal/Credit Card (3% fee) or Transfer.  NO CHECKS