SaddleCroft Farm Mini Pigs

Happy Customers

"She is so completely spoiled!  She gets so much love and attention.  She is so affectionate and playful.  Her and my kitten have become great friends, they love to play.  She loves bathtime and is doing great with the litter box.  We are letting her explore the house a little more each day.  She is a very happy little piglet and she has concluded our family and I feel so blessed.  Thank you so so much for my piggy!"

"Oscar is awesome with the litter training!  We trained him more to go outside with the dogs.  Every 2 hours we would let him out the same door and now he honks at the door when he has to go out!  He is so great, and he walks really well with his harness and a leash."

"Ella has been great!  She goes to kiddie park everyday, loves car rides and does over a dozen tricks.  Send me pictures when the new litter is born.  Thinking strongly of getting a friend for her!"