SaddleCroft Farm

Mini Pigs

Meet the Gang

PeeWee Pete

A small young Boar who is excited to join my herd!  He has two blue eyes and his first litter will be expected in the Spring.

PeeWee Pete


Porter is a really neat looking 5 year old Boar.  With both Julianna Papers and AMPA Registrations and measuring at 15" tall he is a quality boar who has some amazingly colored piglets.  He has a beautiful black coat with blonde hairs throughout it.  His unique color allows him to sire the "chipmunk" color piglets and we are always excited to see what beautiful piglets our mamas will have.  He is also being offered for Stud to other mini pig breeders.   If you are interested in one of his piglets or would like to breed your female to Porter ($650) feel free to call.


Parsley!  She is a spunky little girl!  Parsley loves her food and expecially loves her raisin treats.  She is the first to greet us every morning with her distinctive squeal and run to the gate.  She is a fabulous mother who truly cares for her little ones and seems to pass on her lovely personality to her piglets.


Penelope!  She is a blue eyed little pig whose mother is our very own Parsley!  I think Penelope is just beautiful with those piercing eyes and am excited to see her pass them along to her little ones! I just LOVE that her eyes just sparkle!  To snag one of her precious little ones coming in the spring contact me to be added to the waiting list.

Mother Pigs

LuLu is an adorably sweet pig! She was born on my farm and I am so excited to see her become a mother.  Lu just loves people and is so kind to all the other pigs.  She is rather small and I am hopful for small piglets as well.  Her first litter is due in the Spring so call now to be on the waiting list for her first little lovelies!

Polly is a sweet but shy mama pig.  She has a beautiful coloring and passes the Tuxedo marks on to her babies.  She also carries a blue eyed gene so most of her babies have one if not two blue eyes!  Do not miss out on your chance to own one of her lovely babies!


Polly Pocket

Plumb is a very special girl who I had held back from a Penelopes and Porter litter.  She is so sweet and beautiful just like her mother with that beautiful femine head.  I am excited to see the lovely piglets that she will have in the future.  I hope that she will pass along her kind personality and her spunky side.