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Mini Piglets Offered For Sale

Click HERE to see our Information Packet.  We strongly encourage you to read it before considering a piglet.  They are a large responsibility and require a lot of time and attention.



324 Goram Road

Brogue, PA 17309

Catherine Paige Taylor

Here at SaddleCroft Farm we love our Mini pigs and only sell the best piglets!  We have a great breeding program that keeps our pigs happy and healthy with lots of fresh air and a warm place to sleep.  When the piglets are born we handle them, start there Litter box training, plus they are fully Vet checked, vaccinated and wormed before sending them off to there new homes at 8 weeks old. All of our piglets start at $500 and up depending on eye and coat color.  If you would like more information of a certain litter or would like to know when the next ones are expected to arrive please call or text.  (610)401-4964

(610) 401-4964


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Spring Litters are Arriving!

     Contact me if interested in one of our piglets to see more pictures or to be added to the waiting list for upcoming litters.

Prudence and Porter Piglets - Born April 1st

Piglets come Vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, litter trained, and socialized.  

All of my piglets make absolutely amazing pets.  They are small, beautifully colored and will be an average of 15" in height for mini pigs.


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All of Prudence and Porter Piglets have been sold.  Pickles and Pancakes are due any day!  Contact me to be on the waiting list for there lovely piglets in the fall.

Pickles and PeeWee Piglets - Born June 6th

Pancakes and PeeWee Piglets - Born June 18th


Pink Chipmunk Male with a Lovely blue eyes



Tuxedo Male with two blue eyes


Handsome (RUNT)

Tuxedo Male with two blue eyes



Tuxedo Female with one blue eye



Loudly Spotted Male